Hebei Yudea Group produce updated electric vehicle

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On June 10, in the factory of Hebei Xinyuzhou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., the workers were busy feverishly with electric vehicles from the assembly line.

"China has entered the time of high-quality development. As a high-tech enterprise, we insist science and technology innovation and aim at high-quality and continuous development." Lv Hongtao, the chairman of Hebei Yudea New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Smart Black Technology leads consumption

Stylish appearance, simple and comfortable interior, with smart internet system black technology...

Lv Hongtao told reporters that in order to meet the needs of consumers, the Group has continuously improved the overall quality of electric vehicles through innovation, and independently developed smart apps based on user habits, enabling remote operation on smart phones and bringing new and intelligent travel experiences to users, in which way can take up the Young consumers.

To achieve high-quality development of enterprises, innovation is the first driving force. Yudea Group actively plays the role of science and technology support of the Group's Automobile Research Institute. “The Institute is mainly engaged in technical research, technical consultation and results transfer services for the electric vehicle industry, providing scientific and technological support for the Group's international development.” Vice President and Research Institute of Yuedi Group Dean Liu Minghai said.

At present, the Group has 13 series and more than 50 kinds of products such as electric vehicles, electric buses, electric patrol cars and mobile police rooms; it has more than 100 patents, 3 special equipment production licenses, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. .

Strict quality control

Every electric car is qualified.

In Yudea Group, all production processes strictly carry out quality inspection processes including online inspection, special quality inspection, and quality inspection of various production departments to ensure that each Yuedi electric vehicle is “offline and quality”.

Into the group's welding workshop, an ABB robotic automatic welding equipment is working tirelessly.

“The welding workshop has implemented advanced concepts such as automation, intelligentization and standardization since the beginning of construction, and adopted ABB robotic automatic welding equipment to achieve low energy consumption, high strength body and high quality manufacturing goals.” Ye Li, deputy general manager of the Group Brand Center told reporter.

The strict quality management of Yue Di is far more than that. In the assembly shop, each off-line Yuedi electric car needs to pass various static performance inspections, four-wheel alignment test, side-slip test, brake performance test, sound and light test, rain test and so on. Testing, through the detection of more than 100 production processes, to ensure product safety zero hidden dangers.

In the interview, the reporter learned that after each process is completed, Yuedi Group adheres to the quality “three inspections” system, and does a good job in self-inspection, mutual inspection, and handover inspection. If the inspection fails, it is determined not to enter the next process.

The strict quality management brings about the improvement of quality and the growth of the customer base. The Yuedi brand electric vehicles are widely praised by domestic consumers, and the products are also exported to South Korea, Japan, India, Syria and other countries.

Adapt to the market

"Private customization" brings a lot of space

In 2016, Yuedi electric police patrol car was sent to Gui'an, Guizhou. In 2017, according to the needs of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, the group specialized in the production of Yuedi Environmental Service Office; in 2018, it developed and produced a suitable explanation for the use of scenic spots. Service station, dedicated to scenic tour explanation...

A batch of electric vehicles were sent to all parts of the country, the brand became louder and the market expanded more and more, thanks to the “private customization” concept of Yuedi Group.

In order to meet the current police duty requirements, the group developed and produced a series of products such as mobile police rooms and police patrol cars. According to different needs, the car can be equipped with computers, monitors, etc., and high-definition cameras can be configured outside the car. In the future, Yuedi will develop in the direction of intelligence, customization and upgrading. While improving the appearance of the vehicle and optimizing the layout of the car, it will increase service functions and specializations to meet the actual needs of customers.

The flexible and pragmatic production model not only brings about a substantial increase in orders, but also further illuminates the brand of Yuedi.

It is reported that the Group has been listed in the “Public Vehicle Purchase Catalogue Enterprise of the Ministry of Public Security” for 7 consecutive years. Its mobile police room and electric patrol car have participated in the security duties of major domestic activities, providing customers with the demand. Products and perfect service.

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