□Enterprise positioning

Yudea is an enterprise of diversified, closed to public life

The concept is based on our enterprise history and client demand, and nail the role and direction in business competition. It show Yudea operating character, operating mode, business range, products and service to society. Yudea is a diversified, variety of industry enterprise.

□Enterprise Mission

 Changing our life together with you

This mission indicate Yudea people lofty dream and extraordinary pursuit, and the value orientation of enterprise development in society civilization and development.


□Enterprise Aim

To be the wold class enterprise with international competition by remarkable development.

The blue print of world class enterprise can motivate Yudea people fighting spirit; The pursuit of more than profit shows Yudea people spirit depth.

□Value Orientation


Integrity is the core value orientation of Yudea, also the base of Yudea culture and Yudea business. Yudea propose exhaustive integrity inclusive integrity to share-holder, integrity to clients, integrity to employee, integrity to society.  

Achievement orientation

Achievement orientation is the first priority. Balanced, exhaustive, high-quality achievement is our pursuit. 

Custom come first 
We protect clients and consumers right, observe business ethics, competitive fairly, provide qualified, green, humanized products and service.
Gratitude and return
With gratitude attitude, we are working hard to be an example of whole enterprises in society, to be trusted by investor, to be loved by employees, to be respected by society, to be praised by public.